2012 Berkeley Iceland Restoration Policy Initiative

The People of Berkeley do ordain as follows:


WHEREAS, the City of Berkeley Master Plan recognises the need for recreation facilities and includes objectives to preserve, maintain, and expand public recreation resources, particularly those in under-served communities; and

WHEREAS, Berkeley Iceland was a major hub for the community for 67 years, providing recreation opportunities for the people of Berkeley and beyond in a healthy, safe and fun environment; and

WHEREAS, Berkeley Iceland was built as a community venture, a project of a Berkeley Civic Committee for the “general benefit of persons interested in skating;” the construction was funded by selling shares, sometimes door-to-door to the community, and through funding pledged by “33 prominent businessman, professionals, and University of California
professors”; and

WHEREAS, Berkeley Iceland (2727 Milvia St) is an acknowledged landmark having been designated a Berkeley Landmark in 2007 and eligible for the National Register of Historic Places in 2010 for its contribution to skating history, unique architectural design, and contribution to the culture of Berkeley; and

WHEREAS, it is acknowledged that the best way to preserve a site is by preserving the historic use of the building; and WHEREAS the health of a community depends on resources for the well-being of its residents; and

WHEREAS Berkeley Iceland is designed to meet the goals set out in the City’s Master Plan to expand resources for community recreation activities and a public hub for social gathering.

Now, therefore, the People of the City of Berkeley resolve as follows: Section 1. Vision for a Restored Berkeley Iceland

The People of the City of Berkeley adopt, as a vision for a restored and renewed Berkeley Iceland, restoration of the site as a public recreation and community facility based on the existing rink; preservation of the interior and exterior of the historic landmark; inclusion of complimentary community resources; incorporation of green technology for sustainable operations thus returning an active public community recreation center consistent with the Berkeley Master Plan to expand recreation resources.

Section 2. Berkeley Iceland

Berkeley Iceland is at 2727 Milvia Street, including the building and ancillary spaces as designated by the Landmark Preservation Ordinance in LM#06-40000008 and interior spaces described in the application for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Section 3. Policies

Accordingly, the People adopt the following policies as guidance for the City Council in formulating and adopting plans for the restoration of Berkeley Iceland.

1. Public Recreation Space - Encourage planning to restore Berkeley Iceland as a location for healthy fun, sports, and entertainment for the entire community in a accepting and family-friendly environment. Plans should include facilities for expanded services related to recreation and community services including, but not limited to, therapeutic warm pools, training and dance studios, and community rooms.

2. Historic Preservation - Plans for restoration will conform to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Restoration. Any plans which propose modification of historic sections of Berkeley Iceland will be mitigated to include significant recognition of the changed features. This will apply to both the exterior design of the site and the interior features of the historic building.

3. Promotion of the Public Recreation and Community Center - Working with the City Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department, Berkeley Unified School District, University of California, Berkeley YMCA, and other community organizations, the City of Berkeley will promote use of the restored Berkeley Iceland as a community recreation asset for the health of our citizens, especially the under-served youth of our community.

4. Green Technology - Incorporate environmentally friendly technologies and efficient use of sustainable operations to create a model for green restoration.
a. Include modern, energy efficient refrigeration equipment.
b. Reuse of heat and water generated from ice rink operations to increase efficiency.

c. Addition of roof top energy generation technologies.
d. Provide expanded bicycle parking facilities and encourage use of mass transit and group trips to Berkeley Iceland.

Section 4. Guidance for Council Decision Making

The City Council shall evaluate any Plan proposed for Berkeley Iceland as a result of this measure for its impacts on goals to preserve Berkeley Iceland, promote and expand recreation facilities, and use of the facility for the health and betterment of the community.